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About Us

About Us

Minocqua Gourmet Popcorn is rapidly being recognized nationally as “The Gourmet Popcorn Company”.  It is proudly owned and operated by Jim and Nancy Wescott along with their three children, Avery, Madison and Brie.

Jim, a.k.a. “Dr. Popcorn” has a Ph.D. in chemistry and a great deal of manufacturing experience.  He loves to “tinker” in the factory, which he fondly calls his lab, constantly improving the processes while making new and exciting products for all to enjoy .

Nancy, has a B.S. in marketing and loves to come up with crazy ideas and new flavors; Dr. Popcorn’s chemistry background allows him to make some of her ideas a reality.

Avery a business graduate from UW-Milwaukee, oversees our social media and website, Madison is a student in the  UW system and Brie, a seventh grader in Minocqua, helps wherever we need her, in both the store and factory.

Our two loving dogs, Lunar, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Benny, a Golden Retriever, along with our two felines Bogey and Feta, LOVE popcorn just like the rest of the family..

We love to put a smile on the faces of all who enter our shop (physically or virtually), we value our friendships and look forward to making some new ones too.  Please stop by, have a taste or just say, “hello”.  Minocqua is an awesome place to visit  and we feel so fortunate to call this wonderful and beautiful community “our home”.

To all of our existing customers — Thank you for your continued support.  To all of our new customers – Welcome.

Jim, Nancy, Avery, Madison & Brie Wescott


Our mission is to consistently make “Extraordinarily Fine Popcorn”, and with the help of this website, to make our products available 365 days a year to popcorn lovers both near and far.  We do this while making your popcorn purchase an enjoyable experience.